Vogel Digital Marketing is proud to be part of a video production that showcases Port Freeport’s grand expansion of The Freeport Harbor Channel

Vogel Digital Marketing is proud to be part of a video production that showcases Port Freeport’s grand expansion of The Freeport Harbour Channel

Vogel Digital Marketing, a leading digital marketing company, is proud to provide video production services to Port Freeport.

Port Freeport, a major deep-water seaport in Texas, recently embarked on a dredging project that will expand The Freeport Harbour Channel from its current 46 feet to depths ranging from 51 to 56 feet. It is projected to be a major achievement for Port Freeport, as the surrounding area is witnessing industrial expansion with an abundance of natural resources, such as the production of shale oil and gas.When the dredging project is complete, the deeper, wider channel will allow for safer navigation for modern ships and vessels, which will contribute to a sound economic growth of the region.

Vogel Digital Marketing worked with Port Freeport to produce a video that showcased the kick-off of dredging project and the benefits to its clients and community. The Houston-based digital marketing agency provided videography using drones, which allowed them to capture each and every detail in the best possible angle and light.They also worked closely with the team at Port Freeport to make sure that all of the important highlights were well documented.

“Port Freeport is pleased with the quality of the introductory video our team created,” said Michael Vogel, President and Co-founder of Vogel Digital Marketing, “It does a great job explaining the details of their dredging project while outlining the long-term benefits of this project and its effect on future economy of Texas for generations to come.

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