Display Ads vs Search Ads: Which One is More Effective?

Should you invest in display ads or search ads? Which one is more effective? Read on to learn about display ads vs search ads.

You’re looking to draw more clients and attention to your business, so you go to the internet. With most of the population online, it’s the easiest way to reach the masses, but what is the best way?

With search ads and display ads, let’s talk about what will reach the biggest audience.

Search ads

Search ads

Search advertisements, or pay-per-click (PPC) ads, are a low-budget way to reach your audience. They afford you the ability to bring your ads to your ideal target audience.

This is done through Google’s algorithms, and your website’s search engine optimization (SEO). Get help with your SEO and marketing strategies for optimal results.

Search ads offer a few advantages.

Measurable Data

Google makes it easy to track how your PPC campaign is coming along.

It shows you how many customers are responding to your keywords and phrases, as time goes on, and can even help you improve your SEO.


Search ads are very cost effective, relative to other Google advertising costs. With the PPC structure, you don’t pay for the advertisement unless somebody clicks on it.

This saves a lot of up-front expenses while offering a reasonable margin for profit.

Display Ads

Display ads

First, what are display ads? Display ads, also known as banner ads, are on the side almost every website that you use, and they track a user’s behavior in order to provide the right advertising.

Google display ads give the opportunity to display your ads on sites all across the internet.

Let’s talk about the advantages.

Volume and Variety

With display ads, your ads get placed on a wide variety of sites that your target audience will visit. People who own blogs or manage social media with a lot of viewers will often make their revenue through Google’s Adsense.

This gives the opportunity of spreading your company name all over the internet, which facilitates brand recognition.

Creating Brand Awareness

When users see your company popping up everywhere they look, they become familiar with the name.

Because of this, when a prospective client is in need of your product or service, they are more likely to search for it specifically. Google is more likely to post your ads on related sites for your audience, which increases your chances of traffic.

For example, if you have display ads for your online music store, and somebody spends a lot of time checking out the latest updates on music trends, they are more likely to become familiar with your brand name over time.

Read more about the importance of brand awareness for your business.

Which is Better?

At a price, display ads will offer a better chance of reaching your target audience and spreading the name of your brand.

Search ads are excellent for an affordable way to start getting some attention, but there is nothing wrong with diversifying your advertising.

Using both will give you better results than one or the other, but it is best to keep up with current digital marketing trends for the best results!


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