How to Make Your Social Media Marketing Strategy More Effective

Social media is a huge platform that not enough businesses are taking full advantage of. Here’s how to make your social media marketing strategy more effective.

88-percent of adults ages 18-29 use social media. That’s in addition to 78-percent of adults ages 30-49, according to Forbes.

With thousands of social media platforms to chose from, how will your company create an effective social media marketing strategy to reach those demographics?

It will take more than a captivating photo or familiar hashtag– you need a plan. Let’s talk about how your business can start taking advantage of the power of social media.

Find your Market

If you’re wondering how to start social media marketing, your first step is to find out who your market is.

Ask yourself these questions:

Once you determine the answers to these questions, you can start to form a better understanding of which social media platforms will reach your desired audience.

Demographics and analytics are the keys to understanding social media. The Pew Research Center found certain age groups use specific platforms.

In order from most traffic to least traffic, they found  U.S. adults use the following platforms the most:

% of U.S. adults who say they use the following social media site online or on their cell phone

Source: Survey conducted Jan. 3-10,2018. “Social media Use in 2018”. Pew Research Center

Have your team focus on these 8 platforms when you build your marketing strategy.

Build Your Brand

What does your social media presence look like, right now? How many followers do you have? How often are you directing your audience to your website?

Your brand is one of the most important aspects of your social media. It will provide the mission, the goals, and the outcomes you set for your company.  Social media can help you get there by amplifying that message and reaching thousands of potential customers.

Part of your branding for social media means creating engaging and relevant posts. Your posts should have a consistent theme, visual dynamic, and design.

When you think of digital marketing, create a written guideline with specific colors, fonts, graphics, and other necessary tools when you create a post.

Language and imagery should carry the same tone throughout your social media. This isn’t to say all your posts should be identical or so similar they become boring– keep it interesting by using photos, videos, LIVE videos, GIFS, and interactive posts like polls.

Management and Algorithms

To reach your business’s full potential for social media you will need a strong management plan.

Each social media platform has a specific algorithm that determines how much reach a certain post will get. For example, if your company uses the words: like, share, or comment– on your posts, it will be marked as spam and it’s reach limited.

You will also want to create a budget dedicated to boosting posts for a successful social media marketing plan. Pay to boosts posts of particular importance like a special deal or event.

Keep a close eye on the analytics pages of your platforms to see who follows you, when the peak time to post is, and what types of posts are doing the best.

A Social Media Marketing Strategy for You

When your company decides to create a more dynamic social media marketing strategy, keep these points in mind.

It takes an entire team to be successful on social media. If you are feeling overwhelmed and looking for some help take advantage of our digital marketing servicesContact us to tell us more about your project!

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