How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

You may have the greatest website ever made. But if it doesn’t get any traffic, you may as well have nothing. We’re going to show you some proven methods to attract traffic like you never thought possible.

To take your website from zero to thriving, use these 3 simple-but-effective ways to drive traffic to your website.

1. Content, Content, Content!

Simple math tells you that more pages equal better chances in search results. But you can up your chances further by creating content based on popular search keywords. You can find the most searched-for keywords using keyword research tools, like those provided by Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools.

This combined with high-quality writing and relevant, valuable information tells Google you’re an authority on the subject. This should boost your search rank and please your visitors, resulting in more and better traffic.

2. Spread Out (Backlinks)

Just like they sound, backlinks are links on other sites that lead back to yours. Good backlinks are another way to tell Google you’re an authority/boost your search rank.

As you probably know, the most popular way to build backlinks is guest posting. That is, you write a guest post for a different site and include a link back to your site as a source link.

But there are far more ways than guest posting to spread yourself across the net. Register your company/organization in online directories like Yelp and Google My Business. Get on various, applicable social media sites.

Ask relevant review sites to do a review of your website or a service it provides. Ask your friends to also.

3. Revisit and Refresh Popular Topics

What happens to your posts after you post them? If you simply forget about them a day or two after posting, so will your audience.

Why work hard to make an awesome post only to let its popularity fizzle out and die? If you spend lots of time creating new posts and no time promoting or updating, you’re working too hard. Instead of letting your best work go to waste, keep it popular.

Firstly, if you aren’t already, always promote new blog posts a few times on social media. It only takes seconds and it significantly increases traffic.

Next, learn what your most popular blog posts are by checking your website analytics. Read these posts and see if they need updating. Whenever you can, revisit and refresh your hottest topics.

Revisit with a Sequel

If you have a lot of valuable new insight to add your audience’s favorite topic, write a sequel article. Promote both the new and the old article on social media. Make sure both articles link to each other.

Refresh with Re-Edits

Less extensive updates of popular posts can be done with re-editing. Do this if you merely need to switch out some outdated info or dead links. Add newer, more relevant statistics, case study data, infographics, images, or in-text examples.

Promote the updated post on social media.

Drive Traffic to Your Website with These Tips

You now have the knowledge to work smarter, not harder, in getting more traffic and keeping it. Use these proven tips to drive traffic to your website.

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