5 Ways to Drive Leads and Double Your Profits

An effective marketing strategy will drive leads, double profits and eliminate the competition. But that can be much easier said than done.

One of the biggest problems that people face in B2B marketing is driving leads. So how do you pinpoint the most effective lead generating tools?

Between search engine optimization, blogging, AdWords, social media marketing, telemarketing and traditional advertising, the world of driving leads can be nauseating and exhausting.

These five tips and tricks will not only drive leads, but they will also double your profits.


Believe it or not, but LinkedIn has the highest B2B lead generation within the realm of social media. Not only is LinkedIn perceived as the most sophisticated social media platform, but it also has the largest per capita income per user.

In order to implement LinkedIn as an effective lead generator, you must build your brand a robust account, be active within the platform and join some of the 2 million groups. LinkedIn even has an integrated lead generation tool that you can pay for if you would like.

2.Targeted Facebook Ads

The world of Facebook can drive leads to your website almost instantaneously. Not only is it an incredibly simple tool to use, but it also cheap and effective. The most effective way to use lead generation Facebook ads is to offer viewers something free that lures them in and provides them value such as a checklist, a top 10 list or a short e-guide.

To download their new freebie, people must first enter in their contact information such as a name and email address. Once you have their information, you can use it to retarget more Facebook ads and you can add them to your email marketing list.

3.Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest lead generation tactics in the book, and for good reason. You can always use email marketing to send out traditional newsletters, but there is much more to this technique.

Email marketing is a great way to drive leads because you can implement marketing automation, which includes a hybrid email marketing tool. Just connect this to your CRM and use it to deliver personalized emails to highly targeted leads.

4.Look For Brand Mentions

As your brand grows, people are going to start talking about you. Take advantage of these mentions and conversations because they can be your future clients. An easy way to search for brand mentions is to set up Google Alerts. It is quick, easy and it sends your brand mentions straight to your inbox.

Once you have identified these conversations and search forums, take a few moments to engage with your audience. The more you engage, the more likely you will turn these individuals into concrete leads.

5.Content Creation

It’s no secret that content creation is an effective way to drive leads to your brand. In fact, 55 percent of marketers claim that content creation is their “top inbound marketing priority”. With so many companies incorporating this tactic into their digital marketing strategy, the competition has become rather fierce.

It is important to create cut-throat content that yields the most important information with quality keywords that will perform best for your business.This helps Google and your customers know that your business is a relevant result to those keyword searches.

Effectively Drive Leads

It is important to take a multifaceted approach when it comes to generating leads. Don’t just implement one of these marketing techniques. Instead, implement all of them and then implement even more.

Here at Vogel, we take an efficient and flexible approach to marketing strategies in order to drive leads to your brand. Contact us today so we can assist you in generating more conversions and building your clientele.

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