3 Content Marketing Trends You Should Be Following

Right now, your marketing plan may be focusing on paid search. But, when compared to content marketing, the latter gets 3 times the leads per dollar spent. If you hadn’t been working to up your content marketing game, there’s no better day than today.

But, how can you improve your current content marketing strategy? The short answer is by keeping up with the content marketing trends. Are you implementing current trends in your marketing plan?

If not, you should get on it as soon as possible. Don’t know what marketing trends you should try? We’ve got you covered.

Here are 3 content marketing ideas you should consider in 2020.

1. Value, Authenticity, and Transparency in Content Marketing

Consumers receive many commercial advertisements on a daily basis making it difficult for businesses to become the coveted unicorn in their industry. Today’s consumer looks for more than buying a product. They want to buy from authentic, and transparent brands that provide value to their business.

Your content should focus more on providing value and less on the sell. If you own a software company that develops inventory solutions for the wholesale industry, you can create content related to that industry.

An example is creating content about how to increase their warehouse efficiency. Similar content will let your customers know that you care about their business and want them to grow.

2. Increase in B2B Collaborations

You may think that B2B collaborations do more harm than good. But, that isn’t true in content marketing. Unless you collaborate with the wrong industry.

The key to successful B2B collaborations is joining forces with businesses that don’t compete with you. An example is how Uber collaborated with Pandora and Spotify to customize their customer experience.

If you own a small business, you may consider collaborating with other local businesses. An example is how a tax firm can join forces with a business law firm to provide free tax and legal seminars to local businesses. You may think it may not be worth it but, it will diversify your audience and show the community that you care.

3. Using Artificial Intelligence in Content Marketing Strategies

Artificial intelligence isn’t only influencing digital marketing trends. A.I. is a must for every content marketing plan in 2020. Marketers are using this technology for strategies from emailing to improving customer experience.

It will come down to how you implement it in your marketing. A.I. such as chatbots can improve your customer engagement and help you learn more about their needs. When you know what your audience needs, you can create solutions to their everyday problems.

An example of how you can use chatbots in your content marketing is offering a free ebook to your customers about their industry. Logistics and transportation companies use them to provide their customers reports about upcoming trends or year-end results. This information can help their customers develop their logistics plan for the upcoming year.

The Bottom Line About Content Marketing Trends

Following the content marketing trends can be the difference between success and failure in any business. You must tailor your marketing plan to your business and potential consumer. Not all trends work for all businesses.

First, you must put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Focus on bringing value to your customer relationship and separating yourself from your competitors. It’s recommended that you test several content marketing strategies and find which one fits your business.

Want to improve or implement the best content marketing strategies? We can help. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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